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Your partner and trusted advisors in the property buying process.

We have redefined the property buying experience for the buyer.

The different real estate markets that we inhabit in Sydney, Australia are both fast and competitive; we represent our clients with speed, but not haste; and when its right, we act deliberately, confidently, discretely and consistently.

We have a commitment to excellence, innovation and loyalty which underpins our company ethos, whilst our experience and expert knowledge allows us to take an innovative approach to overcome any challenge. These qualities are at the heart of everything we do.

We assist clients with the purchase of their primary residence on a daily basis. Having inspected thousands of properties, we understand the process and have simplified it. We know that buying a home is an emotional experience and often the biggest investment a buyer is likely to make in their lifetime.

Primary Residence

Our team strongly believes in investing in bricks and mortar and promotes the same ethos to all our clients. In fact, everyone in our team has purchased their own investment properties. When investing in real estate, there’s an old saying “you make your money, when you buy”, so it’s part of our job to ensure our clients make the right decision from the start.

Investment Property

Our services for property developers are by invitation only but on the rare occasion we will interview a prospective client if their prior experience and financial capacity meets the minimum merits for our exclusive services. We are experienced in sourcing unique off-market opportunities both raw and DA-approved that fit a client’s brief.

Property Developers

Our Process

We have an initial 45 minute catch up to discuss your buying brief/strategy to establish a basic understanding of your needs/wants. 

Initial Briefing


The team will source suitable options within your brief and budget (advertised and off-market). We will then inspect each property and create a shortlist of suitable options. 70% of our purchases are off-market.



Only properties that are within budget/brief will be shortlisted. We will then share photographs, videos and a detailed report for each property. We arrange inspections at your convenience; at different times of the day, so you can see how it presents in the morning, afternoon or evening.



We will value the property through a comparable sales report and arrange for a building and pest inspection or strata inspection report to be prepared. The contract will also be reviewed by an appointed solicitor. 

Due Diligence


If everything is in order at this stage and we have a green light, we will negotiate with the owner or sales agent to get the best outcome for you (price/terms). Our role is to make sure that once the offer is accepted that the purchase proceeds to “exchange of contracts”.



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